We got on highway 23 at Maywood 35 miles south of North Platte.
 From Maywood we went east though Curtis, Moorefield, Farnam, Eustis,
 Elwood, Smithfield, Bertrand, Loomis and ended in Holdege .It is a good
 road with a lot of hills and curves.
 From Maywood to Holdrege is right at 75 miles....Dave Peters
Mwywood NE to Holdrege NE

We started in Royal NE, West to Ashfall Road then North, you will go by a neat
country resturant called Green Gables, then on to Ashfall Fossil Beds state
park, or continue past the park North  to the turn that takes you back to
highway 14, good paved road, very little traffic, curves, hills, you won't
belive that you are in Nebraska, 18 miles.....Adolph Liss
Royal NE to hgy. 14

If you have a favorite Nebraska road email me with the directions